Role of Rubber bar mats to keep Bar staff safe

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  • Fri Jul 02, 2021
Role of Rubber bar mats to keep Bar staff safe

For any beverage service company, bar mats are a must-have item. Countertop bar mats catch spills while elevating glasses to keep them separate from the spillage. Non-slip floor bar mats prevent bartenders from slipping and are essential for the safety of your bartenders. 

Rubber bar mats are useful for detritus on the bar floor, particularly bottle caps, in addition to spilled drinks. Many bartenders serve beers or other bottled beverages without thinking about where the cap falls when they uncap the bottle and deliver it to the customer. Of course, they're rushing through their task and don't have time to pick up every cap that falls to the ground. Bartenders, on the other hand, run the risk of tripping over a stray cap. Rubber bar mats with drainage holes are handy in this situation. The rubber mat's holes are large enough to capture the bottle tops, trapping them and preventing bartenders from walking on them by accident.

Another sort of detritus found on a bar floor is various drink garnishes. While a lemon wheel in a patron's cocktail may appear to be fun and sophisticated, a lemon wheel on the floor is a disaster waiting to happen. People are less likely to stumble while stepping on fallen fruit against a rubber bar mat than when stepping on fallen fruit against slick flooring because rubber bar mats are slip-resistant.

A popular outdoor bar might quickly become overcrowded. The bar may attract a large number of customers, but it will require additional workers to serve them. Rubber matting is required in high-traffic areas to improve traction and prevent accidents. Rubber bar mats are required in a busy bar, not only for the safety of the bartenders behind the counter, but also for the protection of the entire staff: scrubbing of bar backs. 

So, this is how a rubber mat is a must in a bar to keep all sorts of discrepancies away.

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