Buy Palette Knife Online in India from The Butler. These knives are widely used for cake decoration to spread the crema and icing on a cake. Bread knives are one of several kitchen knives used by cooks for cutting bread. The Serrated blades on the thin line of bread knives allow you to cut soft bread without breaking it.

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We are counted among the best Bread and Palette Knife Manufacturers and Wholesale Suppliers in India. The offered Bread Knives are used to slice and cut bread, pastries, roasted meat, and fruits. They have serrated blades that can cut in a clean precise manner. The bread knife makes it easier to slice bread or cakes with fewer crumbs and less compression, and prevents the tearing of fruits.

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As a trusted Palette knife Retailers and Exporters, we offer top quality bakery products at our online site. A straight palette is ideal for frosting the sides of cakes as well as levelling frosting to give a perfect & smooth finish. 

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