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Pavoni Raplette

₹ 14,175 ₹ 15,750

Get in touch with the Flexipan sheet manufacturers and wholesale suppliers in Maharashtra. The Hotel Butler supermarket offers you the best Flexipan sheet material. It is made with materials like fiberglass and silicone. It enables the mould to be versatile, and provides non-stick quality. It can last for a long time (durable) and make it possible to use around two thousand to three thousand. 

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Flexipan nonstick sheet doesn't need to be greased, and it releases and cleans up quickly. It is made of extra tough, laminated, rubberized, food grade silicone based woven fabric that can withstand temperatures ranging from -0oF to + 580oF. We are not limited to a specific region, but as an exporter, our product is delivered to other parts of the globe. 

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Connect to The Butler Hotel Supermarket retailer to shop the product easily online. Just by visiting our site you can make an order of the product. All you require to do is Buy Flexipan Sheet Online in Maharashtra.

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