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A Glass Rimmer is a bar accessory that is used to rim a glass with salt or sugar. Decorate your margarita cups with salt, sugar, or other substances as edges, and let your imagination run wild. The butler hotel Supermarket is a Salt rimmer manufacturers and wholesale suppliers in Assam, offering you with the exclusive range of salt rimmers. 

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Depending on your beverage of choice, it may be necessary to go the additional mile and coat the rim of your martini glass with either salt or sugar to make the perfect punch. This rimmer is exactly what you need for the task! There is a huge demand for the rim in bars, pubs, and hotels. We cater the product in Assam and in other countries as an exporter. 

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If you are searching for the product, check out the available ranges from an online retailer. Buy Salt Rimmers Online in Assam, the product of your choice.

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